We don't like to bash anyone, but let's be honest...Most photographers take your payment, take your photo and then hand off some sort of cd disc (which deteriorates over time).  It's not very personable. That sort of workflow creates these carbon copy, lifeless, stiff, overly posed photos.  You may as well be a mannequin.

 Certain cultures believe that having your photo taken captures your soul.  We believe that there is some truth to that.  And a good photographer can not only "capture" your soul, but your mood and attitude during the session.  

We can't capture legitimately positive moments when the entire creative experience isn't perfect.  That's why we want to really consult with you before your shoot.  We like to do an in person planning consultation or a Skype session.  That way we can get an idea of what you love, what you want the photo session to capture, your style, we can discuss clothing options, makeup, perfect locations and even show you samples of what different lighting at different times of day looks like so that we can completely customize your shoot to get the look that you want.  

The point is, most people aren't comfortable in front of the camera, yet alone, with a complete stranger talking the photo.