All film services are a collaboration between myself and my partner, Logan Lovett.  I handle the planning and styling aspect of projects while Logan directs, shoots, and edits them.  Logan holds a bachelor of arts degree in film.  Besides creating films for couples, Logan also offers his services for personal use as well as business ventures.  Please connect if you have any questions regarding anything video related!


Engagement Mini Movie

What is an Engagement mini movie, you ask?  It's a creative and unique way to tell your story.  Think of the impact that your engagement photos have when you share them with friends and family, now put that story into motion.  A narrative mini movie that tells the story of you as a couple.  We offer our mini movies as a package with engagement photos or as a separate project! Email us if you have any questions or want to collaborate on your wedding announcement!




A Highlight Film is a concise video that shows the most important highlights from your big day.  We can do a highlight film only or a feature length wedding video with the ceremony in it's entirety plus a bonus Wedding Highlight Film.  Logan customizes your video for your big day.  Holding a degree in film really puts no limit on what he can do for your films. 


Chris and Erica's beautiful Seattle wedding. Ceremony at Sodo Park, Seattle, WA.