I first met Emily when we briefly worked together.   When we first started talking about boudoir, we were discussing it only because Valentine's day was approaching.  And then I mentioned that she may want to include a friend to make the overall experience more fun.  Her friend Lauren was interested and so we booked at room at The Common Hotel in Minneapolis.  That hotel is one of my favorite places to shoot.  Everything from the lobby to the bar and of course, the rooms, are so stylish and cute.  

Day of the shoot the girls had some wine so that they could relax and while they were getting their makeup done by my good friend and makeup artist Courtney Thompson.  

And the whole day was just such a blast.  We definitely utilized every bit of space in that hotel room.  From the bed, the chair and ottoman and even the shower.  Those photos will be left out of this post for obvious reasons...but it was one of my favorite boudoir sessions yet.